About Bazaarbid

All Sellers will start with 20 listings at a time- performance will factor into future sales but no seller will ever have less than 4 listings available.  What this means is you will be able to list your items into on auction or 20 different auctions that work around your schedule. You can list  any variation  that works with your schedule.  Each time an item is presented for sale and either sells or goes unsold another listing spot opens up for you to list another item. This will help sellers to decide what is the best time and auction category for the items they offer. (Future sales spots will rely on performance-but again all sellers will always have 4 listings available)

Sellers also have the option of purchasing a Lifetime store front- What this means is you can have your inventory listed in your store front for sale on the site 24/7 even if you are not scheduled into an auction you still have an opportunity to sell direct to customers interested in your products. In some instances a potential buyer may love your item but be unable to attend the auction it is listed in.  The Store Front gives the buyer an opportunity to buy direct from you at your SET price.

There are 2 options to purchasing a Lifetime Store Front. The First option is a ONE TIME Payment of $95.00 you only pay one time and will never be charged for your store front again. The Second option is a 12 month payment plan of $10.00 per month- you will own your site on the day of your first payment and each month for 12 consecutive months you will pay $10.00.  This is a great option for new sellers starting out with less ready cash available.  Either way when you decide to purchase a Store Front you own it for as long as you choose to sell on the site. (Anyone banned from the site for not following guidelines will forfeit their Store Front and no refunds will be offered.  Anyone on the payment plan will still be charged for the full 12 months regardless of seller status)

Sellers with or without Store Fronts will have the option to pull from their inventory and direct schedule into auctions.

Seller Fees will always be a percentage of the Final Hammer Price in auctions and Final Sale Price in Store Fronts regardless of the item being sold. The seller fees will be on a sliding scale with no minimum as listed below.

  • If an item sells for $0 to $10 then there is a 5% Seller Fee
  • If an item sells for $11 to 20 then there is an 8% Seller Fee
  • If an item sells for $21 to $50 a 10% Seller Fee
  • If an item sells for $51 to $80.00 is a 13% Seller Fee
  • Any Item that sells for $81.00 and above is an 15% Seller Fee

The basis of this fee schedule is simple if you aren’t making money, we aren’t making money.  We want each of our sellers to succeed and keeping the seller fees reasonable will help everyone in the long run

  • Each seller account will have the option of sub accounts- some uses for a sub account would be
  • A second member of the same household can also sell on the site using the same Paypal account.
  • All Volunteer Host/Hostess Volunteers will be asked to set up on a sub account-this will in no way affect your ability to buy or sell, Volunteer Host/Hostess Volunteers can make purchases and sell while helping in the rooms you will be asked to upload a Volunteer Host/Hostess Image to your sub account this will make you easier to find if people have questions.
  • We will have 2 Young Entrepreneurs auctions every Sunday and sellers under 18 years old must be on a Sub Account with their parents’/guardians’ permission- all correspondence with Young Entrepreneurs will be done through the main account holder.  There are a lot of kids out there with great ideas and limitless talent and we want them to have a safe place to “show their stuff”.

Duplicates will not be allowed in auctions- There is an unlimited supply of great items to be crafted, found and sold- but flooding the marketplace with the same or similar items in a 3 hour block will devalue your items- We are not saying you cannot sell the same or similar items as other sellers, we are saying you need to schedule them into different auctions so all items are fresh!  An Example would be A Tablet- yes they are popular and yes they sell well but to list 4 in a row in a 3 hour time slot will bring the final price down for all 4 of those tablets- Unless it is an Electronics auction of course.  Another Example would be Rings- yes they are popular- but 3 people selling the exact same ring will again bring the final hammer price down for all 3. Selling unique items will benefit everyone so when you see a popular item your first instinct may be to sell “IT” too but we ask that you think about offering something fresh even if it is similar to keep the auctions fresh and exciting. In some cases “Exact Duplicates” will be removed/rescheduled only the first listed will be permitted to go on the block depending on the auction category.

Please Note Bazaarbid.com is Best Viewed with a resolution of 1366 x 768 or lower


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